Do your clients show up to your session wearing neon clothing? Kids have messy faces and hair? Outfits not coordinated? Upset and cranky kids and husbands? Send out this professionally written client preparation guide to help avoid all of these things!! Tips on how to prepare, what to wear and where to shop!

Part of creating gorgeous images is having nice, relaxed clients who can let loose and enjoy themselves in front of the camera. Unfortunately it's not quite that easy! Planning for a family session can be stressful and it's your job as a photographer to try to alleviate some of the pressure by helping your clients prepare.

That's why I created this super easy to edit informational style guide for your family session clients. The best part? It's a win-win. You can educate and empower your clients so they can enjoy the process and look forward to their session instead of stress out about it and they look great in their images!

Ever see those photographers whose clients always seem to be dressed perfectly for their sessions - like these images from Moss and Mint Photography? Wonder how they get them to coordinate so well? They send out a style guide!

Our three page guide contains pre-written text that you can use as-is or edit easily in Photoshop. Find the complete template set here.

How does it work? These templates are created to be easy to edit, but you will need some Photoshop knowledge to use them. Simply drop your own images into the clipping masks and edit the text yourself. To view a tutorial on how to use my templates, click here.

Find all my client prep and styling guides here.