Hi, I'm Bree and I'm so glad you're here! I'm an  entrepreneur at heart and have been self employed since 2008.

My passion for photography started after my babies were born and I quickly fell in love with the art and pursued it as a business. My newly found dream of being a photographer came to a screeching halt when I realized just how hard it was to juggle a newborn, a toddler, an online gaming site and a "budding" photography business. I give serious props to all you photogs out there, it's a tough business! I truly understand how hard you have to work to be successful.

While my photography business didn't flourish like I had hoped, I still had such a passion for it that I continued to learn and grow and be involved with photography groups online. I quickly saw the need for busy photographers to be able to market their businesses in a professional way that didn't cost thousands of dollars and tons of their scarce time. I started to teach myself more and more about design programs and that's how Sweet Little Muse was born!

The name Sweet Little Muse is special to me because Muse is my maiden name. My mom is an artist and my dad was a writer so I grew up in a very creative household. I'm originally from Australia where we used to live on a boat and snorkel, fish and swim on a regular basis!

Now I live a quiet life, situated in middle Tennessee in a somewhat country setting. I have two adorable kids and a handsome hubby and absolutely love what I do. Take a look around my shop and email me if you ever have questions!